Exploring ways that we amplify peace in our lives, peace in our communities, and peace in our world.

BE your own Super Hero.

Have you ever wondered how close you really are to being a superhero? Brian Crosby is the Creative Director at Marvel Themed Entertainment. He takes us on a journey through

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Kevin Carton

The “Quarter Life Crisis” is not just for twenty-somethings. Millennials and beyond will discover how to live their life’s purpose through practical and scientific solutions for increased inner peace. Is

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Kilo Zamora

Each of us respectively have a part of the solution to peace.  Parents, couples, individuals all have something to contribute as a part of the answer. We can explore what

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The Power of Silence

as published in Natural Options  Sept/October 2017 Summer adventure led me to one of the youngest islands in the world – Iceland.  This frontier land of fire and ice, as

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It’s your time to tune in and turn up the volume on creating peace in your life. Enjoy the insights, opportunities, and amazing world that is being created in the name of Peace.

Your host, Malia Brown, is a lover of life. She is dedicated to lighting a fire under topics that matter to you, so you can create simple steps and then take action one day, or even one moment, at a time.

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