BE your own Super Hero.

Have you ever wondered how close you really are to being a superhero? Brian Crosby is the Creative Director at Marvel Themed Entertainment. He takes us on a journey through

Celia McBride, Spiritual Director

Exploring the Imagination: From Task Master to Friend — with a warm loving embrace. Use your imagination and go from “woo-woo” to “whoo hoo”. Have fun exploring your imagination with

Kevin Carton

The “Quarter Life Crisis” is not just for twenty-somethings. Millennials and beyond will discover how to live their life’s purpose through practical and scientific solutions for increased inner peace. Is

Kilo Zamora

Each of us respectively have a part of the solution to peace.  Parents, couples, individuals all have something to contribute as a part of the answer. We can explore what

Teri Cochrane

Creating peace in our bodies and in our lives.  Our bodies are an electrical superhighway.  We can’t be at peace in our bodies if our nervous system is under attack. 

Charles W. Thomas

“You can do anything with a heart of peace or a heart of conflict.” When we objectify ourselves, we limit our humanity and possibly even eliminate it. It is up

Katie Jo Drums, Empowerment, and the Heart

An open heart united with others can lead us to being more present. When we are present, we have stewardship over choosing peace. Katie Jo on Facebook 24 minutes

Marc Cohen Cold Water Hokey Pokey

Extreme wellness is not just a mental concept. The science behind wellness and integrative medicine is explored – it’s all about the “we” and not the “I”.  Global health and

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