Part 2

All of the people who are interviewed on this site have listened to their inner voice. They have honored the discontent they were experiencing by declaring that there must be more to life than their feelings of restlessness. They began the journey toward their longing — that there must be more to life than the feelings of: anxiety, guilt, fear, shame, hurt, hopelessness, despair, or turmoil.

Honoring their discontent and moving toward their longings allowed them to harness their own initiative.

The people you hear here are everyday people, like you and me, who demonstrate that everything in their life contributes to their ability to be a better version of themselves. “Everything” includes discontent and longings as much as the infinite power of dreaming. Harnessing the spectrum of their own feelings, they ignited their ability to get in to action.

These women and men reflect to us what is available when we embrace our lives in their entirety. We can welcome the discontent as much as we welcome the bliss. Then we can get on with a life that has meaning and purpose and fills us with a sense of satisfaction, contentment, and joy.

Every conversation you hear here provides the opportunity to hear the highs and the lows of living a life fully engaged and what is possible to create for you as a result of that way of living. One of the consistent threads of these conversations is that honoring who you are brings you closer to fun, joy, laughter, opportunity and eventually a place where you have deep peace within yourself.

This is a demonstration of the peace that is possible for us as individuals. Peace is also being created in communities as a result of many individuals coming together. Peace then becomes available for the community of the world as each one of us takes the action we can take. When we embrace and honor our discontent, it increases the probability that peace is possible for the world.

This might lead to the question: In a world of infinite possibilities, are you willing to embrace one possibility where peace is an inevitability?

What discontent would you need to honor for that to be your reality?

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